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What are they saying about us?

"fun and creative"

by Cynthia

"Getting to know new people in a fun creative way. There were young and older people with different life experiences. All provided equal value to the group. Very enjoyable experience."


by Darryl

I loved that they encouraged people to do what they felt and use their intuition!


by Elle

"Very warm and inviting environment"

"I loved the Art Project and the talk about what it means"

"so nice"

by Alexis

"Lisa was so nice! I loved seeing the colors and learning about crystals"



Join our private group Bring Joy Forward" on facebook and connect with others who share holistic wellness. Each week we will go LIVE with interviews, discussions, and tips and topics that help you bring joy forward.

RECOMMENDED : Artists and creative souls, join the fun in a year long art adventure! This course is offered through and recommended by Shannon Tibbetts, CPC